Fluorescence Polarization


  • Unrivalled speed, with test completion in as little as a few seconds to less than one hour, depending upon the matrix of the system and the antibody or pathogen to be tested.
  • Requires no washing steps or long incubation.


  • One-step solution
  • May be performed in a laboratory or field setting
  • Few reagents required, and the reagents are provided in the test kits
  • Simple assays that do not require highly trained/skilled technicians to perform the tests


  • Leading performance, yielding qualitative results for animal diseases and qualitative or quantitative results for food pathogens
  • Sensitivity and Specificity equivalent to or greater than traditional methods (animal diseases)
  • Can detect pathogens at low parts per million (PPM) or parts per billion (PPB), depending upon the pathogen and matrix

Cost Effective

  • More tests can be run in less time than with traditional methods, resulting in the need for fewer technicians or increased throughput
  • May eliminate the need for costly repeat testing by veterinarians
  • Permits quick determination of contaminated incoming grain, avoiding cross-contamination at storage silos or grain elevators
  • Ease of use eliminates the need for highly trained, more costly technicians

Safe & Versatile

  • Reagents used in FP assays are safe, requiring no use of dangerous acids or enzymes
  • Can be applied to various matrices including serum, whole blood, milk, juices, and water

Fluorescence Polarization is the foundation of Diachemix. This technology provides rapid and cost effective results for our diagnostic tests developed to detect animal diseases and food & feed pathogens.